The centre has exhibitional resources that allow visitors to learn every aspects of the La Fortaleza archaeological site.

The exhibition room offers the best of both the traditional museography and the latest technological resources. It also features hyper-realistic sceneries that present everything included in the site in one single space.

The inner courtyard is the space destined for temporary exhibitions and workshops./p>

In the audiovisual room a documentary that recreates the daily life of ancient inhabitants of La Fortaleza settlement is permanently shown.

On the panoramic terrace visitors will learn more about the natural surroundings of the site and will be also able to visit the recreation of an aboriginal dwelling.

In addition, the centre has a small shop where objects related to the archaeological site and the indigenous past of Gran Canaria can be bought.

Besides the story of this magnificent archaeological site, the workshops, guided tours, temporary exhibitions and different events related to archaeology, history and culture make this the ideal place for the entertaining the whole family.